Lead Closing

Fundamental - $2,000 monthly retainer

A complete sales package for your marketing agency. We do all the prospecting, lead generating and client acquisition for you. This means, we have to get to know your agencies services and pricing like the back of our hand! You will be assigned two sales reps and one account manager, who's sole goal is to close deals for your agency. Once we've acquired your new client, we simply turn them over to you, so that you can begin fulfilling their marketing needs. Weekly briefings 15 minutes.

Superior - $3,500 monthly retainer

If you're looking for accelerated scaling & growth, this is the best option for you. Essentially the upgraded version of our Fundamental package, we double the amount of sales reps (4) we put on your account. Additionally, you'll have one account manager who will be your point of contact and one takeover manager. Weekly briefings 30 minutes.    

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