Small Business Leads - $85

Speaking directly with small business owners.  These are typically companies bringing in 500k or less in revenue annually.  They have been screened, probed and price qualified.  Generally will close between 20%-30%.

Mid Size Business Leads - $195

Typically speaking with C-Suite level executives.  These leads are a bit harder for us to get, which is why we have to charge a bit more.  Our sales reps generally have to get through 1-2 gate keepers and have likely spoken with the company 2-3 times before actually getting the lead set up.  They're also screened, probed and price qualified.  Of course these companies are going to have a larger marketing budget, and are usually going to be a bit more decisive when it comes to the company needs.  Our clients have very high conversion rates on these leads.

Direct Targeting Leads - $149

Directly targeting local OR specific industry leads.  This means if you only want to work with one industry, we can make sure those are the only leads we book for you.  Alternatively, if you only want to work with local companies, we can book just the local companies for you to help your word of mouth growth.  With these being either industry specific or local leads, we find these prospects are the most receptive in speaking with our clients.

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