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As a marketing agency, sales is the very lifeblood of your organization. Unfortunately, the time it takes chasing prospects around trying to get them on the phone or to respond to an email can be overwhelming and exhausting, while simultaneously trying to fulfil production for your current clients. We know the struggles that most marketing agencies face in todays saturated market. Luckily, we have the resources to help.

Our team of highly trained setters and closers will consistently generate and close new clients for your agency. Say goodbye to the days of trying to divide time between generating new clients while also managing production to retaining current clients. It's time for you to focus on the growth and development of your company while we focus on the sales.

No locked in contracts, no sign up fees, no risk.

Sales Script

We build a unique script that integrates specific selling points into the script that differentiates your agency from others in your industry. Our sales scripts are great at building value for your agency to generate the interest of the prospects you're most interested in working with.

Optimizing Sales Process

As a business owner, your sales is the foundation of your empire. It is the very lifeblood that determines the heights your company will reach. It is imperative that you have the most efficient sales process possible. That's where we bring so much Value! We are your personal sales team that will handle the entire sales process. We take care of this from the initial point of interest, all the way to closing the deal and even upselling.

Customer Care

For the length of your Sarko experience, you will have your own personal account specialist, as well as a secondary account specialist that is assigned to your account. They are your partners in building the most efficient sales process possible. You can always reach your account specialist via phone or email any time between normal business hours.

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